Overseas to the U.S. Custom Report Definitions


BANNER POINT: The term "banner point" refers to the client specified data subset for each column definition.  At the top of every page in the report are twelve banner points (columns).  For a custom report, the client defines the banner points.

ROW: Row titles can be found in the left-hand column of each table.  They represent responses to the different questions in the survey.  To read the results associated with a particular row, locate the row of interest and move down the column of interest to the intersection, or specific cell, which has the information on how the traveler answered the question.

CELL: A cell represents one number, usually a percentage within the report.  A specific cell can be found at the intersection of a particular column and row.

NUMBER OF RESPONDENTS: The top row of each table in the report shows the number of respondents answering the question.  It is shown for each column, and provides the user with an idea of the level of confidence for the estimates in the column.  Important Note: The number of respondents is unweighted, and therefore cannot be used to calculate estimates of visitor volume.

Explanation of the Data

PERCENTAGE ESTIMATES: The majority of the data in the tables represent weighted percentages.  The percentages are calculated by taking the weighted row value for a particular column definition (numerator), divided by the value of the weighted column definition (denominator), and multiplied by 100 and round to the nearest one-tenth of a percent.

VISITOR VOLUME/ EXPANDED ESTIMATES: A figure that represents the estimated total number of visitors for each column (e.g., the population estimate for the market segment) can be found at the end of Table 1 for each banner definition.  The population estimates are shown in thousands.

MEANS AND MEDIANS: Where meaningful, means and medians are shown for specific tables.  The calculations use responses weighted by DHS I-94 values for each specific respondent.

DOLLAR AMOUNTS: Tables 26 and 27 report figures in dollar amounts. All amounts are in U.S. currency, and represent current dollars.

Important Additional Information

Column-Readable Data:Information in the tables should be read down the columns, not across the rows.

Single-Response Tables: The majority of the tables in this report are single-response tables, meaning the respondent could only give one answer to the survey question represented by the table.  In single-response tables, percentages in a column will generally total 100%.  Exceptions are Tables 1, 23 and 24, where sub-headings are given in the rows.  In these tables, all primary headings percentages will total 100%.

Multiple-Response Tables: The multiple-response tables in the report are noted with asterisks.  In multiple-response tables, the respondent was allowed to give multiple answers to the survey question represented by the table.  Column percentages will not total 100%.


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