Custom Project Examples of Overseas to the U.S.
Custom Reports

Within a report containing information about the Overseas Travelers to the U.S., 37 crosstabulations are included for each set of 12-column definitions. Examples of the tables can be found by clicking here.

Example 1
Overseas and Mexican Visitors to Illinois

1. All Visitors to Illinois
2. Visitors from United Kingdom
3. Visitors from Germany
4. Visitors from France
5. Visitors from Japan
6. Visitors from Poland
7. Visitors from Brazil
8. Visitors from Australia
9. Visitors from Mexico
10. Visitors from Italy
11. All Visitors to Illinois on Business
12. All Visitors to Illinois on Leisure

Example 2
Overseas Visitors to Chicago

1. All visitors to the U.S.
2. Port of entry is Chicago
3. Port of embarkation is Chicago
4. All visitors to Chicago
5. All visitors to Chicago on Business
6. All visitors to Chicago on Leisure and VFR
7. All visitors to Chicago on Convention
8. All visitors to Chicago on Other purpose
9. All visitors to Chicago that stayed in a hotel
10. All visitors only visiting Chicago, no other destinations
11. All visitors to Chicago on first international trip
12. All visitors to Chicago on repeat international trip

Example 3
Overseas Youth (18-24) to the U.S.

1. Visitors between 18-24 years
2. Visitors between 18-34 years
3. Visitors between 25-29 years
4. Visitors between 30-34 years
5. Residents of Europe 18-24 years
6. Residents of Asia or Oceania 18-24 years
7. Residents of South America 18-24 years
8. Residents of Other Regions excluding Mexico 18-24 years
9. Residents of United Kingdom 18-24 years
10. 18-24 years visiting New York City
11. 18-24 years visiting Los Angeles
12. 18-24 years visiting Chicago

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