Overseas to the U.S. Custom Reports

Here is a brief introduction, showing you how to order a custom report from the Survey of International Air Travelers (SIAT).  You'll need to make a few decisions before starting the process.  If you are not already familiar with the program, here is background information about the National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO) and the SIAT.  Common terminology used to develop custom reports are found under definitions.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about Custom Reports:

How do you choose the definitions for the 12-column headings?  Before ordering a custom report, you will first need to define the scope of your study in relationship to the SIAT.  This will depend on two factors - is the focus of your project suited to the information found in the SIAT, and is there a sufficient number of respondents available that fit the criteria?  Take a look at the questionnaire to see if the data points from the survey are compatible with your study.  Then, CIC Research will check the viability of your selected sample.

Contact Mr. Philippe Deschenes at  (858) 637-4000 for assistance.  Note: The NTTO recommends at least 400 respondents per column definition. For additional written information, click here.

What kinds of information can be used for 12-column headings? Many of the data points on the SIAT questionnaire can be used to define column headings (i.e., a market segment or subject of study).  Often, custom reports Overseas Visitors to the U.S.  are developed when there is interest about overseas visitors to a specific destination.  Studies can also focus on characteristics of the traveler, such as, travelers who snow skied, travelers over 55 years, travelers on a business trip, or travelers who visited National Parks.

With each column definition, the focus of the report is narrowed further to help you understand a particular market segment.  Here are a few examples of 12-column custom reports that have been developed for clients:

Report format and cost

For 2022, a custom SIAT report, including the Market Share Table (Table1A), is available for $5,855 (first banner), $5,640 (second banner) and $5,420 (for third and successive banner).  After the report specifications are finalized, the report will be produced in an Excel workbook format. The electronic format can be used to facilitate the analysis of the report. Additionally, a copy of the report in a PDF format is included with the custom report order. The PDF format contains background information, definitions, and a copy of the SIAT questionnaire.

Also, an individual custom table can be purchased for $2,180, with each subsequent table available for $1,520.  Data file prices vary by the number of elements selected.

When will the report be delivered?  The report is typically delivered five to ten working days after the report definitions are finalized.  CIC Research will deliver the report to you, along with the invoice, as email attachments.  Payment is expected within 30 days following the receipt of the report, table, or data file.

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