U.S. to Overseas Custom Report Description

A custom report consists of responses to the Survey of International Air Travelers (SIAT) questionnaire, tabulated by the 12-column definitions you have selected. For a U.S. resident report, 40 crosstabulations are included, along with a user's guide, a list of participating airlines, a state of residence distribution, an index of tables, a detailed description of column definitions, and the SIAT questionnaire.

The numbers in the first row in each table refer to the number of respondents from the survey meeting the criteria used in the column definition. Following the number of respondents, rows contain percentages that have been calculated by dividing the row definition by the column definition. All percentages within the tables are based on weighted survey responses using the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) I-92/APIS database. The last row of Table 1, "Q2a. State/City of Residence," contains a volume estimate for the number of U.S. travelers fitting the column definition, expressed in thousands. This volume estimate is the population control total for all of the same-positioned columns within the custom report tables.

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