Project Studies

The following are descriptions of selected studies which represent a small sample of the types of projects that CIC Research undertakes.  The firm's major areas of professional competence include regional economics, land economics, market potential analysis, sales forecasting, scientific and opinion surveying.   Summaries are periodically updated.

Transportation Research

San Diego Regional Rideshare Program - RideLink

Client -- San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)

Work Content --In conjunction with the San Diego Association of Governments, the operation of the regional program for transportation demand management, TDM, was undertaken. RideLink functions included commuter services, employer and school services, vanpool services, promotion of TDM services, and program administrative support. Commuter services required the dispersal of transportation information to the public by providing telephone support, offering customized ride matching within the region's database, and mailing printed information to requesters. Approximately 100 calls per day were handled through 237-POOL and 1-800-Commute telephone lines. Employer and school services consisted of offering TDM assistance to companies and schools throughout San Diego County. The services included surveying employees, developing parking-lot strategies and telecommute programs, distributing transportation information and offering ride matching services. Vanpool services included the support of the regional vanpool program by supplying a list of commuters interested in vanpools, tracking vanpool mileage for the subsidy program, and assisting employers and transportation agencies with vanpool formation activities. Promotion of TDM services included offering various aid to local agencies to advance transportation issues, such as the Spring Promotion for the I-5 and I-15 transportation alternatives and Bike to Work Day. Program Administrative support provided services as necessary to maintain program records and to carry out overall administrative tasks.

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