Project Studies

The following are descriptions of selected studies which represent a small sample of the types of projects that CIC Research undertakes.  The firm's major areas of professional competence include regional economics, land economics, market potential analysis, sales forecasting, scientific and opinion surveying.   Summaries are periodically updated.

Transportation Research

Atlanta Employee Travel Survey

Client -- CTE, Center for Transportation and the Environment

Work Content --CIC staff assisted the Atlanta regional Transportation Demand Management (TDM) project team in fielding the Employee Travel Survey for the second time. Designed on a two-sided, legal sheet of paper, the mail-back survey was administered to employers in the Atlanta area. The survey was implemented to continue the previous study and used to calculate vehicle trips reduced (VTR). CIC facilitated data collection by developing an Internet version of the questionnaire for electronic distribution and collection. Approximately, 3,500 surveys were collected electronically and manually, and processed using SPSS. Individual reports were produced for all 46 employers participating in the effort. Frequency and crosstabulation runs were produced, as well as individual calculations for variables used in air pollution measures. CIC provided the database and documentation to the project team.

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Coronado Employer Commute Survey

Client -- San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)

Work Content --The employee commute survey was administered to employees of the nine largest non-military employers in the City of Coronado, as well as a sample of employees who work at the Naval Base in Coronado (Naval Air Station, North Island and Naval Amphibious Base. The purpose of the survey was to collect information on current employee commute modes and assess employee commute needs. The survey also gave employees the opportunity to enter their name into a ridesharing database. The questionnaire was distributed to employees, who were then responsible for completing and returning the survey. Once the questionnaires were returned, the data was analyzed using SPSS statistical analysis software. A final written report was produced for each employer.

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Montgomery County Commuter

Client -- Montgomery County Government, Commuter Services Section

Work Content --Under the direction of the Montgomery County Government of Maryland, CIC developed, tested, and implemented a Web based employee transportation survey to assess the current transportation preferences of Montgomery area workers. The survey was tailored for the five participating Transportation Management Districts (TMD). Each agency's logo was used to individualize the survey and differences in questions, comments and descriptions of prizes were added as directed. A ridematch application was programmed into the survey to allow employees to directly e-mail their ridematch requests to the correct agency.

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