Project Studies

The following are descriptions of selected studies which represent a small sample of the types of projects that CIC Research undertakes.  The firm's major areas of professional competence include regional economics, land economics, market potential analysis, sales forecasting, scientific and opinion surveying.   Summaries are periodically updated.

Transportation Research

Atlanta Area Vanpool Rider Survey

Client -- CTE, Center for Transportation and the Environment

Work Content --In conjunction with CTE and other project team staff, CIC produced a survey of Vanpool Riders for vanpools in the Atlanta area. The questionnaire was designed for self-administration among vanpool riders and included an instructional cover letter for both the riders and the vanpool drivers. The survey included vanpool riders from three Atlanta vendors as provided by CTE, and resulted in a 41 percent response rate. Returned questionnaires were processed using SPSS. Frequency and crosstabulation runs were produced, as well as individual calculations for analysis variables. CIC provided the database and documentation to the project team.

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Washington, DC Area Vanpool Driver Study

Client -- LDA Consulting on behalf of the Metropolitain Washington Council of Governments

Work Content --CIC Research provided survey research services to LDA Consulting and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Government (COG) to obtain results for a regional vanpool driver study. COG delivered five databases to CIC for cleaning and removing duplicates of vanpool driver records from various agency sources. Vanpool drivers from the resulting database were mailed a survey and a letter of introduction to the study. Drivers were given the choice of mailing, faxing, telephoning, or using the Internet to return their survey responses. As surveys were returned, vanpool driver ID's were logged into a database indicating a completed response. The initial survey effort was followed by a second mailing and then, a CATI telephone survey to drivers that did not respond. Survey results were aligned with the estimated vanpool driver population by expanding survey results to counts obtained from the Washington, D.C., Beltway Cordon Count. A technical report, frequency and crosstabulation results, as well as a file containing the survey results in SAS were delivered to the client at the end of the project.

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