Tourism Research

CIC is a recognized leader in providing market and economic research to the travel and tourism industry. The firm's expertise spans a wide variety of projects, including international airline route analysis, passenger opinion surveys, airport traffic forecasting, as well as meeting and convention center facilities analysis.

CIC's travel and tourism market analysis has included passenger profile studies for cruise ships, airlines, rail, and bus transportation. CIC has developed specialized studies of true origin and destination for analysis of passenger catchment areas. Additionally, CIC also conducts visitor industry fiscal and economic impact studies for several of the nation's largest convention and visitors bureaus and state offices of tourism.

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  • Detroit Visitor Profile

CIC offers it clients a unique advantage of its twenty plus years of experience as the government contractor for the International Trade Administration-Office of Travel and Tourism Industries "Survey of International Air Travelers". This survey, covers approximately 70,000 passengers who respond each year to this survey. The gathering, collecting and compiling of this continuing study represents the most comprehensive survey of international air travelers ever conducted.  Click here for additional Tourism Information.

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